Whitsundays Sailing

sailing the Whitsundays Sailing at sunset near Hamilton Island Sailing around the Whitsunday Islands

The variety of sailing options in the Whitsunday Islands is impressive. Everything from day trips to packages offering cruises of over seven days & nights  mean that whatever your budget and for however long you are visiting, you are sure to find something to suit your plans perfectly.

Sailing the Whitsundays gives you the opportunity to see spectacular sights among the 74 islands that many visitors miss. Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular options while sailing, and water sports are possible too. Taking a longer boat charter means you can store your luggage at Airlie Beach (if need be) and save on the cost of Whitsundays resorts.

The wide range of vessels means that whether you are seeking a relaxed, romantic cruise on a traditional yacht, or the thrill of a trip on one of the latest lightening fast catamarans, with a little research and planning you will not be disappointed.

Please be aware that some of the multiple day/night boat tours can be very popular with young backpackers, and sometimes have a bit of a “party boat” atmosphere: if this is something you want to avoid, speak with the company about it before you make a booking.

It’s also possible to book a bareboat charter which gives you the chance to take the helm yourself and explore the Whitsunday Islands with your family or friends in whichever manner you wish. Although no formal boating qualifications are usually required you could also hire a skipper to show you the ropes for a day or two if you think you would feel more confident doing so.

The choice of boats available is extensive with smaller craft able to accommodate from two to six passengers, and larger catamarans & yachts able to accommodate up to ten people. Many visitors love bareboat charters  for the freedom and independence they provide.

You can talk about sailing the Whitsunday Islands, and everything else, in our Whitsundays forum.

Check out the many packages on offer for sailing the Whitsunday Islands and you will see that the deals and discounts mean fantastic sailing at a great price – deals like seven nights for the price of four or five are not unusual.