Airlie Beach

view out to sea from Airlie Beach shoreAirlie Beach is the main jumping-off point for the Whitsunday Islands. Many people choose to base themselves here and explore the Whitsunday Islands by taking day trips or overnight trips.

The town is known for it’s nightlife so if you are looking for some peace and tranquility you may be better off spending your time on one of the islands, or at least picking accommodation away from the centre.

One of the main reasons for staying here is that you have a wider choice of accommodation options on the mainland particularly in the lower budget range, plus the town is famous for it’s social scene with the drinking and dancing going on well into the early hours. The hotels outside of the town centre provide a quieter option for accommodation if that’s what you are looking for. Airlie Beach town centre is fairly small so you don’t need to go far to avoid the noise.

Airlie Beach accommodation
Airlie Beach is a highly popular holiday destination, with a wide choice of accommodation ranging from basic backpacker digs right up to luxurious resorts, so if you plan ahead you should be able to easily find somewhere that fits in with your budget, whatever it is.

Backpackers in Airlie Beach Airlie Beach Backpackers
Find out about your options for backpacker digs and enjoy the Whitsundays on a very low budget.
Resorts in Airlie Beach Airlie Beach Resorts
Airlie Beach has some excellent apartment and resort accommodation for what is sometimes considerably less than it would cost you on the islands.
Nightlife in Airlie Beach Airlie Beach Nightlife
Airlie Beach is well known for it’s busy nightlife: find out the best places to have a drink or two.
Jobs in Airlie Beach Airlie Beach Jobs
If you want to stay in Airlie Beach longer term without losing all your savings, find out about getting a job.

Bear in mind though that it is a busy town, and at peak times the best – and the cheapest – accommodation can fill up quickly. You can avoid disappointment by booking ahead whenever possible, at least for the first night or two, or you may find yourself having to stay somewhere either above your budget range or not up to your requirements.

Staying in Airlie Beach is a particularly good option if you are traveling on a tight budget as you can visit the islands during the day without having to stay in Whitsundays resort accommodation which is higher priced than comparable accommodation in town.

The advantages of booking ahead are not only getting the place you want, but you will often find that some places will give you a considerable discount for making your booking online. More information on Airlie Beach resorts and apartments here.

Things to do in Airlie Beach
The man-made lagoon has become one of the most popular places in town with year round swimming and it’s great for BBQs or just lazing around, you can read more about it here.

There are a huge number of restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and clubs for a relatively small town, and partly due to it’s popularity with backpackers it can be considered quite a party town. Some of the more popular venues are Magnum’s, Beaches, the Juice Bar, Mama Africa and the Down Under Bar (formerly Morocco’s). Check a few of them out…

There are countless things you can arrange to do during the day in Airlie Beach: sailing, boat trips, scuba diving, windsurfing, helicopter flights, ocean rafting, sky diving, quad biking, jet skiing, horse riding – and the list just keeps going…

You will also find that booking a tour or activity on the mainland is invariable cheaper than booking it on one of the Whitsunday Islands as there is far more competition.

Whatever your plans when in Airlie Beach, we hope you take the time to explore what the region has to offer – have a wonderful visit!